Ukraine`s prime minister has said the national energy company Energoatom could sign a nuclear fuel deal with Russia, but has set several conditions, the Kommersant Ukrainy business daily reported on Tuesday, RIA Novosti reported.

Yulia Tymoshenko said on Monday that a nuclear fuel deal could be signed during her visit to Moscow on Wednesday, when she will meet with Vladimir Putin, but did not give details.

However, the paper said the contract would only be signed if Russia grants Ukraine access to a uranium enrichment center in the East Siberian town of Angarsk, and provides technological assistance in building a uranium enrichment facility in Ukraine.

The deal will provide Ukrainian nuclear reactors with sufficient fuel to last until 2026.

Under a current agreement, Russia is to supply nuclear fuel to Ukraine until 2010.

Energoatom operates four nuclear power plants in Ukraine with aggregate generating capacity of 13.835 GW, more than half of Ukraine`s total.

RIA Novosti