Three miners have been rescued at Novodzerzhynska mine in the morning on May 7, another two were found dead.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, referring Victor Turmanov, head of the Coal Industry Workers Trade Union, around 7 a.m., rescuers found three live miners, who had been under the debris for more than two days. “They were lifted on the ground and taken to hospital. Their state of health is satisfactory”, V.Turmanov said.

Another three miners are still missing. In the evening of May 6, a dead coalminer was found at Novodzerzhynska. A rescue operation is underway.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, nine coalminers remained trapped underground on Tuesday following a rock slide at a mine in eastern Ukraine`s Donetsk Region.

The collapse occurred on Monday in a section of the Novodzerzhynska mine at a depth of 585 meters (1,900 feet).

Fourteen miners were working in the area at the time. Five of them managed to escape and received no injuries, the Zavtra newspaper said.