Thomas Gibbons-Neff/The Washington Post

"Ambassador of Ukraine Valeriy Chaly met the leadership of AM General – the producer of famous Humvee military vehicles. Executive Chairman Gen. (retired) Jack Keane, CEO Andy Hove and Executive Vice-President Larry Platt took part in the meeting," the embassy wrote.

The parties discussed possible options of strengthening cooperation between Ukraine and the world-acclaimed producer of military off-roaders, according to the report.

"The leaders of AM General expressed their interest in further practical support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are countering the Russian aggression. They informed that this October, additional 40 medical Humvees were shipped to Ukraine for the purposes of the Armed Forces, and are due to arrive in the near future," reads the report.

It is also reported that it was agreed to continue contacts in order to contribute to meeting the "immediate needs of the Ukrainian servicemen."