The bill supplements the law with a new chapter on the status of victims among the participants of the Revolution of Dignity, as well as their benefits and guarantees for their social protection.

Pursuant to the law on the assignment of government aid to the victims among protesters and their family members, the victims of the Revolution are included in the list of persons who sustained grave, moderate, or light injuries amid mass protests and sought medical help from November 21, 2013 to April 30, 2014, that’s if such injuries did not lead to a disability.

Such persons are granted benefits and other social guarantees established by Article 12 of the draft law. The article lists the benefits for combatants and persons equated to them. In particular, this refers to free medications, medical products, immunobiological substances, and medicines under doctors' prescriptions; 75% discount on utility bills within the limits provided by the current legislation.

At the same time, the article does not apply to police officers, persons serving in special law enforcement agencies, servicemen of internal forces, Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations who sustained injuries (heavy, moderate, or light) while performing their official duties associated with the Revolution of Dignity.

In addition, the persons referred to in the first part of the new article are issued with the "affected party to the Revolution of Dignity" certificate.

Veterans of war, victims of the Revolution of Dignity who have the right to receive simultaneously a certificate of a participant in hostilities, a person who sustained a disability at war, a participant in a war, and one of the participants in the Revolution of Dignity shall be issued only one certificate of their choice.

The law comes into force three months after its publication.

Persons who before the entry into force of the said draft law became disabled as a result of injuries or other damage to health from explosives, ammunition and military weapons in the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), as well as while performing tasks on demining, are also entitled to a status of a person who sustained a disability at war.

The ATO participants who had become disabled as a result of diseases contracted during their direct participation in the ATO, are also entitled the right to receive the status of a disabled veteran.

According to Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on veterans, combatants, ATO participants and disabled persons Oleksandr Tretiakov, family members of those killed in action shall be granted the status of the family of the deceased.

In addition, the draft law grants the status of a person who sustained a disability at war to civilians who became disabled as a result of injuries sustained from explosives and ammunition in the Ukraine-controlled part of the ATO zone, as well as along the line of demarcation.