Ukrainians do not pay attention to the crisis any more. These are the results of a poll carried out by Gorshenin Institute during May 14-18 of the current year.

According to the information of the institute, the poll was carried out within a regular stage of Pulse of Crisis all-Ukrainian research.

In particular, some 84.3% of those polled said they suffered from the financial-economic crisis. However, the level of anxiety of Ukrainians due to the crisis has not grown. To the contrary, compared with the results of a poll carried out in October of 2008, the population got calmer. In October of 2008, only some 0.8% of respondents said that the economic situation in the country improved, compared to some 10.7% in May of 2009. The number of those who believe that the situation in the country is stable has also increased (some 9.1% in October of 2008 compared to some 22.4% in May of 2009). The number of respondents who believe that the economic situation worsened has reduced from some 87.1% in October of 2008 to some 63.1% in May of 2008.

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According to the results of the poll, some 70% of the Ukrainian population live in poverty, some 24.8% have enough means of subsistence, but cannot afford valuables, and some 2.6% said they do not have any financial difficulties.

The poll was carried out by Gorshenin Institute during May 14-18, 2009 in all the regional centers of Ukraine, Kyiv, and Sevastopol. On the whole, 1000 respondents aged over 18 years old were polled. The error margin does not exceed 3.2%.