Protesters say No to Corruption / Photo from UNIAN

“The files were here by 16:30 [on Thursday]. They include screenshots from correspondence via WhatsApp,” one of the sources told TSN.

Read alsoUkraine's anti-corruption bureau launches case against sister agency – mediaIt is about a criminal case launched based on screenshots of private correspondence between Hanna Solomatina, chief of the Financial Control Department at NAPC, and Oleksiy Herashchenkov, who is an official at the presidential administration of Ukraine.

Ms Solomatina at a Thursday briefing has confirmed to reporters that the screenshots with her correspondence was attached to NABU’s case file

Read alsoUkraine Corruption Prevention Agency employee claims top officials' e-declarations not checkedAs UNIAN reported earlier, Hanna Solomatina spoke out with a revelation about the alleged falsification of results of e-declaration checks by NAPC, done by the agency’s top leadership and regular operatives.

Meanwhile, Solomatina said she had submitted a resignation letter.

She claims that “NAPC is not an independent body, it is fully controlled by the authorities.”

“Two of my colleagues and I, we were summoned to the presidential administration in September this year – the so-called NAPC curator offered that all inspection results and draft decisions be submitted for consideration to the presidential administration before being considered at the NAPC meetings,” Solomatina told the briefing.

Read alsoNABU chief facing criminal liability for disclosure of investigation detailsAfter that, NABU stated they were investigating possible falsifications at NAPC.

In turn, NAPC reported they would file a court suit demanding to refute allegations on possible falsifications during e-declaration checks.