David Lynch says transcendental meditation can help veterans suffering from PTSD

14:00, 18 November 2017
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A renowned filmmaker David Lynch during his Kyiv visit aimed at fundraising for his Foundation promoting transcendental meditation, told Pryamiy TV channel on a live show on Saturday that troops returning from war can also find relief in such practices.

Photo from UNIAN

Asked if he believes those returning from the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine will engage in transcendental meditation, David Lynch said: “Post-traumatic stress is a real thing. Those suffering from it have nightmares, and in the daytime it’s nightmare as well. It affects them so much, it affects their families, affects their friends. They have drugs. But drugs don’t get rid of it – they mask it. Alcohol masks it. It doesn’t get rid of the trauma.”

In turn, transcendental meditation lets such people “dive within to the deepest level”.

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He concluded that the goal of his David Lynch Foundation is to channel the ideas of transcendental meditation to every human being. “Mankind was not made to suffer,” he said. Happiness is our nature.”

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