Ukraine official casts doubt on one of main versions of Amina Okueva's murder

23:10, 20 November 2017
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Ukraine’s Deputy Minister for temporary occupied territories and internally displaced persons George Tuka said that the murder of Amina Okueva and the earlier explosion near the Espresso TV channel HQ in Kyiv, which killed two people and injured MP deputy Ihor Mosiychuk, should not be considered as the work of some Russian special services.

Amina Okuyeva / Facebook

"I had a meeting recently where I got a confirmation from my interlocutor that our “big brother”[Russia] had nothing to do with the latest incidents. I mean, that weird explosion outside the Espresso TV HQ and the deplorable murder of Amina Okueva," Tuka said in an interview with Apostrophe, reminding that an unsuccessful attempt had been carried out earlier on Akuyeva’s husband, Adam Osmayev.

"I have the impression that this time the attempt was also aimed at Adam Osmayev, not at Amina, but it was she who died, not the assassination target... In that case, it was just some rookie performance. How can we be talking about any professional level here at all?" the deputy minister said.

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