The Public relations officer of the Ukrainian gas transit system operator “UKRTRANSGAS” informed on 7 November that data records prove that gas transit through Ukraine from January till October 2006 was 106 bcm i.e. by 5.9% lower (6.6 bcm) to compare with the same period in 2005, according to the Mission of Ukraine to European Communities.

 Respectively, amounts of gas transit to Europe have been reduced for the period of 10 months by 7% (6.9 bcm) down to 91.9 bcm while it has increased to the CIS countries by 2.2% (03. bcm) up to 14.1 bcm.

 The reason for such a reduction is that consumers of the European countries have cut down seasonal gas intakes at the outlet of the Ukrainian transit system during very hot periods of the year as well as Russia cut off gas supplies in the beginning of 2006.

 The Ukrainian gas transit system operator “UKRTRANSGAS” continues to be fully committed to its obligations to transit Russian gas to Europe. The Ukrainian gas transit system functions reliably having all necessary capacities to increase sharply gas transport to Europe. 

 To date, the throughput capacity of the Ukrainian gas transit system is 287.7 bcm at the intake and 177.1 bcm at the outtake, including 141.1 bcm for European countries. “UKRTRANSGAS” company operates 36 500 km of gas transit and distribution pipelines, 71 compressor stations with total output power of  5380 MWatts, more than 10 underground gas storage facilities with total capacity of 32.3 bcm as well as 1405 gas distribution stations.