The number of mobile communication subscribers in Ukraine, as of late October 2006, soared by 1.9 million people, compared with September 2006, and made up 41.5 million people, according to the information of companies and expert assessments.

      The leader on the mobile communication subscribers base is Kyivstar company. According to the company’s information, the number of its subscribers grew by more than 3% in October, and made up 18.256 million people, as of 1 November of the current year.

      The second place is occupied by UMC company. As of 31 October 2006, the number of its subscribers increased by 3.4% during the month, and made up 16.919 million people.

      The this place is occupied by Astelit (life:) trademark), which had more than 5 million people of subscribers as of the end of October.