EUR 25,000 in humanitarian assistance to help Ukraine will be transferred to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and another EUR 25,000 will be channeled through the International Organization for Migration. The aim is to support humanitarian response to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine, responding to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs' appeal of 28 November for US$146,7 million or 72 percent of the required funds for the implementation of the Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan that has been reviewed in 2017, the report says.

Read alsoLithuania mulls EUR 1.93 mln worth of arms supplies to Ukraine – mediaAccording to the United Nations, the conflict in eastern Ukraine directly affected 4.4 million people, 4 million are in need of humanitarian aid, 10, 225 people were killed, and 24, 541 injured. 70 percent of people in need of humanitarian aid are the elderly, women and children. About 1.6 million people are currently registered as internally displaced and are heavily dependent on humanitarian aid. Children affected by the armed conflict can't go to school, because many educational institutions are damaged, destroyed or temporarily closed.

In 2017, Lithuania's Foreign Ministry has already allocated EUR 280,000 in humanitarian aid to help people caught in conflict and natural disasters in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone and Dominica, as well as to support Palestine refugees in the Near East and the Myanmar crisis refugees.

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