A car crashed into three motorcycles travelling in the opposite direction on a Ukrainian highway on Tuesday, killing two and injuring six, DPA reported. The accident took place outside Kiev after the driver of a north- bound Chery Eastar lost control of his vehicle, entered the opposite lane of traffic, and struck three southbound motorcycles.

Two motorcycle riders, one aboard a Suzuki and the second on a Honda, died on the scene.

One Honda motorcycle rider and the five occupants of the Chery received serious to critical injuries, and were being treated at a Kiev regional hospital.

Motorcycle riding in Ukraine has become more popular in recent years with increasing availability of high-powered imported bikes, and the partial repair of intercity highways.

Deadly road accidents involving motorcycles have increased as well, due primarily to poorly-enforced helmet law and automobile drivers` unfamiliarity with motorcycles.

Soviet-manufactured motorcycles often with sidecars are still to be seen on Ukraine`s rural roads, but their low power prevents their frequent use on improved highways in the former Soviet republic.

DPA via Earth Times