20 September 2017
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Council of Europe Symposium to be held in Ukraine

On balanced sustainable development of Europe

A Council of Europe Symposium on comprehensive approach to balanced sustainable development of Europe will take place in Ukraine on June 11, according to a CE press-release, forwarded to UNIAN.

The event is organised by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine.

National, regional and local authorities, representatives of governments, experts and professionals from all over Europe will meet for the CEMAT Symposium (Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning) on "Comprehensive approach to balanced sustainable development of the European continent".

The aim of the Symposium is to examine how spatial planning is a key instrument for sustainable development and effective governance with a view to socio-economic development in the regions, the improvement of the quality of life, responsible management of landscape and of natural and cultural values, the protection of the environment, and rational use of land.

The Symposium should develop proposals for the 15th CEMAT session which will be held in the Russian Federation in 2010, on "Future challenges: sustainable spatial development of the European continent in a changing world".

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