На этой неделе Музычук потеряет два титула чемпиона мира / facebook.com/anna.muzychuk

“In a few days I am going to lose two World Champion titles - one by one. Just because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. Not to play by someone's rules, not to wear abaya, not to be accompanied getting outside, and altogether not to feel myself a secondary creature,” Muzychuk wrote.

“Exactly one year ago I won these two titles and was about the happiest person in the chess world but this time I feel really bad. I am ready to stand for my principles and skip the event, where in five days I was expected to earn more than I do in a dozen of events combined,” wrote the Ukrainian chess grandmaster.

Read alsoRFE/RL: Ukrainian master boycotts Saudi women's world speed-chess championshipsAdmitting that the fact that these circumstances are “annoying”, she stresses that the most upsetting thing is that “almost nobody really cares”.

“That is a really bitter feeling, still not the one to change my opinion and my principles. The same goes for my sister Mariya - and I am really happy that we share this point of view. And yes, for those few who care - we'll be back!” she concluded.