Photo from UNIAN

In keeping with Groysman's instructions, the local social services will get into contact with their family members to find out what assistance they need from the state, TSN reported.

The government says the released prisoners will be provided with necessary health care and financial support, but the final decision on the type of assistance will be made in January when the families give their feedback.

Read alsoUkraine provides update on prisoner swap: 233 exchanged for 73 Ukrainians (Photo, video)The process will not be public, given the psychological state of those who have been in captivity for years.

"We have agreed to provide all the necessary assistance, ranging from medical and social support, to the financial support of the families who have faced this injustice for many years in hardship," Groysman said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, militants in Donbas released 73 Ukrainians in exchange for their members on December 27. Ukraine extradited 233 prisoners.