Victor Yushchenko has told reporters he is going to veto a law on the Cabinet of Ministers if it is not revised, according to the President`s press-office.

“I will veto this bill in its current version,” he said. “I think the government and the Verkhovna Rada have chosen the wrong direction in this area.”

The President said the cabinet of ministers was “one of the leading centers in the system of government.”

“If we speak about the powers of this office, particularly their use, procedure rules, relations with the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine, then I am convinced we should first have a process that unites, …” he said. 

Mr. Yushchenko believes the country’s top officials should formulate a common position on this document.

“If someone desires to walk along this path unilaterally, I do not think it will give results,” he said, adding that they “must not waste their precious time on unproductive things.”

He also said he had proposed his own bill.

“If the government wishes to join in, I will be very glad but would really like us to work constructively,” he said.