"The number of applicants eligible for multiple short-stay visas with business purposes, those for cultural and scientific figures will be expanded. What is more, the duration of the visa will be increased from three to five years the longest. In addition to the existing single-entry visas, multiple visas (valid for three years and with up to 30 days of stay) for short-term stays with various purposes, including tourism will be introduced," the press service of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine told

Read alsoJapan to simplify visa requirements for Ukrainians"If applicants pay for their trip on their own, there is no need for providing documents from a guarantor," the embassy said.

After the liberalization, conditions for tourists and entrepreneurs are expected to improve, while the number of citizens visiting Japan repeatedly are expected to increase and interpersonal contacts will be strengthening.

New conditions of the visa regime between Japan and Ukraine were discussed in Kyiv on November 9 during Japanese Foreign Minister Kazuyuki Nakane's visit to Ukraine.

As UNIAN reported, visa-free travel for Ukraine was launched by the United Arab Emirates as of December 31, 2017.