The Russian gas to rise in price for Ukraine due to the deficit at the internal market of Russia.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, Russian expert Boris Nemtsov disclosed this to journalists today before opening roundtable “Ukrainian-Russian relations in the new European architecture”.

      “The Russian gas problem is serious not only in the political, but also in the economical sphere. The matter is that Russia lacks gas”, B.Nemtsov said.

      He noted that on 22 November RF President Vladimir Putin will hold a session on the issues of the natural gas deficit for the internal Russian market. B.Nemtsov is convinced that the Russian leadership will not be able to sell cheap gas to Ukraine and, in such a way, to support the premiership of Victor Yanukovych.

      The expert stressed that during the last 6 years Gazprom has not worked out any new fields and has not built any gas pipelines. According to his information, during this period, the gas extraction grew by 3%, while the Russian economics – by 50%. “Very many electric power plants are gasping due to the lack of gas in Russia”, B.Nemtsov said, noting that Russia cannot afford itself to increase gas supplies and to sell gas by damping prices.