Victor Yushchenko has addressed the nation to remember the Orange Revolution, according to the President`s press-office.

      “This day is for all Ukrainian citizens no matter what political opinions they have. It unites us as a nation,” he said.

      The President said the exploit performed by the ‘orange’ protesters “helped restore our self-esteem.”

      “This personal deed put Ukraine among other nations that gave the world examples of freedom,” he added.

      “Freedom of speech, freedom of meetings, freedom of choice, freedom of competition and business freedom have rooted in Ukraine,” he said. “We are becoming free. We must realize this fact. Freedom is like air: you feel it when you are deprived of it.”

      Mr. Yushchenko enumerated achievements of the post-revolutionary Ukraine.

      “The greatest of them is the democratic election. We had never had it before,” he said.

      Speaking about the country’s development, the President said, “I have always thought and think now that our country needs two things: effective democratic government and reliable precautions to prevent authoritarianism.”

      He pledged to be committed to democratic principles and ensure them “irreversibly.”