Law of Ukraine  № 1202-VI “On introducing Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on Excise Tax Issues” , which increase an excise for spirits, came into force from today in Ukraine.

The law stipulates increasing of excise tax rates for sparkling and carbonated  wines by 1.5 times – from UAH 1.6 to UAH 2.6 per liter from July 1, 2009.  An excise for other fermented beverage foods (cider, stewed drink), honey drink and mixture from fermented beverage foods is increased by 25% - from UAH 27 – to UAH 34 per 1 liter of 100 percent spirit.

Moreover,  rates  for heavy distillates will be increased by 50% - from EUR 20, 30, 35, 45 to EUR 30, 45, 50, 65 per 1000 kg from November 1, 2009.

Starting from 2010, it also stipulates an annual indexation of excise tax rates for ethyl alcohol and spirits depending on Consumer Price Index for 12 past months.