“The task of political forces [in Ukraine] is to compromise on when Ukraine will sign a NATO Membership Plan,” said Presidential Advisor Oleh Rybachuk at a forum “The NATO Transformation in the New Global Era” in Riga, according to the President`s press-office. “The most important thing is that we have all agreed that the objective of our cooperation with NATO is Ukraine’s membership in the alliance. This course is irreversible.”

      Mr. Rybachuk said the President believed reforms in Ukraine indicated its readiness to join the membership plan, which will help us involve renowned experts in developing the national economy and boost foreign investment. He also added it would help Ukraine take part in the formulation of policies to develop European and Euro-Atlantic security.

      Mr. Rybachuk said Ukraine’s leaders must now join their efforts to launch an information campaign promoting the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration, so that Ukrainians freely and consciously choose their future. He said one of the priorities of the government was to make the issue “less politicized.”

      In Riga, Oleh Rybachuk is going to meet with political leaders, international experts and media representatives.