Twenty years ago, on November 30, 1986, the Special State Commission of the USSR signed an act on putting the “Ukryttya” object into exploitation which covered damaged by catastrophe unit 4 of the Chornobyl NPP, according to the government’s press-office. Building the object “Ukryttya” was an unprecedented deed of people and its completion is a great and unambiguous victory.

      The Chornobyl NPP – is the first nuclear power plant which has been built on the territory of Ukraine. Today, it is the first one in withdrawing from exploitation among the Ukrainian NPPs. The plant’s personnel are successfully implementing the Government’s commission on accelerating this complicated process.

      Today, the last fertile material has been discharged from the active zone of the first unit. It is a significant and important step heading toward transition of the CNPP to principally new stage of life cycle - withdrawing from exploitation.

      We have also positive results in implementation of international projects within the area of CNPP. The Chornobyl NPP as a customer is responsible for all aspects of project implementation in the area and more actively controls international projects. It has been generated as an objective need.

      The last fertile material has been discharged from the first power unit but the personnel still faces difficult and important tasks of state significance. Among these tasks are to: create an infrastructure on storage of spent fuel and radioactive waste and take real steps aimed at dismantling equipment and metal constructions.

      On behalf of Government of Ukraine I wish the personnel of the Chornobyl NPP success at work!