In July of current year the Pension Fund of Ukraine has ensured pension payments in time and in full amount, according to Office of mass media relations of Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The head of Pension Fund of Ukraine Olexiy Zarudnyi announced during a briefing.

“All the beneficiaries have received envisaged money according to the fixed schedules,” he noted.

According to Olexii Zarudnyi, through 7 month of current year revenues into the budget of the Pension Fund from all sources of financing have been conducted in compliance with the plans, at this proper revenues of the Pension Fund have been overfulfilled 5.9%.

 The head of the Pension Fund also informed from this day pensioners started to receive the due money through banks and post offices. Olexii Zarudnyi assured payment of August pensions will be finished according to the fixed schedule – by August 25, as it is envisaged by the legislation: “as in previous months our pensioners can be sure they will obtain due pension sums in time”.