Delivering his speech in the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych reported that the Government intends to restrain 6-7% GDP growth annually during the following 5 years, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers. Prime Minister stressed that next year Ukraine is supposed to reduce foreign debt amounting to 16 % GDP.

The policy of the Ukrainian authorities would be predictable and stable, the Head of Government noted, and this would promote attractiveness of foreign investments to Ukraine. At the same time Prime Minister said that his Government shall carry out a series of reforms following the way of further democratic and market changes.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that the 2007 draft budget of Ukraine envisages state investments to the economy of Ukraine.

Prime Minister has also stated that Ukraine intends to improve privatization mechanism for its objects, stressing that the Ukrainian Government has excluded the use of “reprivatization” word. We clearly understand that the Ukrainian property is underestimated and we must adjust it. It may be possible by developing the fund market, Viktor Yanukovych said.