Ukraine will remove restrictions for grain export introduced in October, announced President of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko in the interview to Bloomberg agency, according to AgriMarket.

      Government meeting considering this question will be held next week. According to the estimations there are 2 mln tonnes of grain in Ukrainian elevators, in particular, barley and wheat, waiting for being exported. Ukraine is the 7th largest supplier of wheat in the world.

      Before Prime-Minister of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, had informed that Government succeeded to stabilize the situation on grain market and in future it intends to regulate grain market with the help of only market mechanisms. Quotas for grain were introduced because active sales of Ukrainian grains on foreign markets could lead to its lack inside the country.

      As it was informed Ukrainian Government decided to introduce quotas for grain export on October, 11, 2006. In particular, quota for export till the end of the current year for wheat and meslin (rye and wheat mixture) totals 400.000 tonnes, barley - 600.000 tonnes, maize - 600.000 tonnes and rye - 3.000 tonnes.

      We remind that on December, 5, one informed the plans of the Government of Ukraine to prolong quotas for grain export till the end of the marketing year (July 2006-June 2007) in total volume 1.106 mln tonnes.