The Verkhovna Rada adopted law "On the national f.y. 2007 budget of Ukraine" on Wednesday. The budget`s incomes have been planned at 147.888 bn. UAH (one USD = 5 UAH) with 116.176 bn. UAH incomes of the general fund and 31.711 bn. UAH special fund, according to Ukrinform.

The 2007 budget`s outlays have been set at 161.819 bn. UAH, including 130.090 bn. UAH of the general fund and 31.728 bn. UAH of the special fund.

The volume of granting credits has been set at 3.753 bn. UAH, including 1.037 bn. UAH credits of the general fund.

The budgetary shortage has been set at 15.715 bn. UAH, including the limit volume of the deficit of the general fund at 14.412 bn. UAH.

Incomings from the privatization are expected to reach 10.587 bn. UAH, the minimum of subsistence has been approved at 492 UAH since January 1, 501 UAH since April 1, 510 UAH since October 1. The minimal wage has been set at 400 UAH per month since January 1, 420 UAH since July 1 and 450 UAH since December 1.

The limit amount of the state internal debt through December 31, 2007 has been set at 20.274 bn. UAH and 1.033 bn. USD. The limit amount of the state external debt has been determined at 9.890 bn. USD.

As First Vice Prime Minister, Finance Minister Mykola Azarov told a Wednesday Govt session, the 2007 budget has considered all principled observations, particularly those remarked by President Yushchenko. According to Mykola Azarov, the Govt has managed to preserve all macroeconomic performances, demands of the budgetary resolution and basic correlation, which make the document realistic, well-balanced and directed toward speedy social - economic development of Ukraine.

At the same time, "Our Ukraine" member Viacheslav Kyrylenko said the budget has huge social drawbacks. In particular, the minimal wage has failed to be changed. According to him, some budgetary articles "blank all social standards".

The budget was approved by 249 out of 421 people`s deputies registered in the hall. The 2007 budget was supported by 186 MPs from the Regions Party, 5 from BYUT, 4 from "Our Ukraine", 29 from the SPU, 21 from the CPU and four non-faction deputies.

Mykola Azarov aired his hope the President would sign the law as soon as possible.