Financing medicine will be significantly improved next year, Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated during his meeting with Minister of Health of Ukraine Yuriy Polyachenko, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In particular, Prime Minister stressed that funds provided in 2007 State Budget for medicine totalling about 3,5% of GDP.

      The discussion also concerned building of the National clinical hospital which should become a hospital of future for adult population in Ukraine.

      According to the Prime Minister, the Government decreed to create a new powerful treatment and physical centre with a complex of university clinics the core of which would be a burn centre with high technologies and all branches dispersed throughout Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. The Government of Japan allocated granted funds for the building of new hospital.

      Additionally, according to the decisions of Gov sessions, during which an issue on struggling against corruption in state administration had been raised, Prime Minister commissioned to hold a joint Board of the Ministry of Health and Control-Revision Office of Ukraine and to consider measures aimed at preventing misuse of funds in the system of the Ministry of Health.