Victor Yushchenko and his wife visited Budyshche Park, founded in the 19th century in the Cherkassy village of Budyshche, according to the President’s press-office. The park is also famous for the Engelgardt House, where Taras Shevchenko’s landlord lived.

There, the President planted some trees to mark Environment Day.

Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Humanitarian Premier, Pavlo Ihnatenko, Environmental Minister, Borys Tarasyuk, Foreign Minister, Yuriy Pavlenko, Youth and Sports Minister, Victor Topolov, Coal Minister, Volodymyr Shandra, Industrial Minister, Ihor Likhovy, Culture Minister, Victor Baloha, Emergency Minister, Yuriy Lutsenko, Interior Minister, Ihor Drizhchany, State Security Chief, Mykola Zhulynsky, Head of the National Culture and Spirituality Council, and other famous politicians took part in the ceremony.