President Yushchenko considers he has enough facts to condemn people who poisoned him. He said that at Thursday press-conference, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      “Adduction of evidences is not as complicated as a year ago. We knew enough to arrest the villains, although most of them have already left Ukraine,” the President spells out.

      “We’ve established facts disclosing those who laid the table and the way the food was poisoned,” he adds.

      Now it’s up to the Prosecutor General’s Office to uncover abuse, if it has a political will to do this. Yet, Yushchenko’s poisoning is questioned. The President claims that those doubtful face the same danger as he did, until assaulters remain unpunished in this country.

      “It was a crime not only against the President, but also against the whole nation. We can investigate it to make the nation stronger, yet our failure may weaken it for long,” Yushchenko maintains.