Victor Yushchenko has visited Kyiv’s Central Synagogue to celebrate Hanukkah with the Ukrainian Jews, according to the President`s press-office.

He wished them good health, peace and happiness. In his speech, the President said Hanukkah is observed to honor those who defended their faith. He said two miracles had been inspiring the Jews for two thousand years, filling their hearts with joy and pride. The first miracle is the victory poorly armed and trained peasants and craftsmen gained over the professional army of invaders. The second miracle is the divine power of light, which shone brightly for eight days.

“These symbols are passed on from one generation to another,” he said.

The President said our peoples had many things in common.

“Lesya Ukrainka once wrote we were struggling for our independence like the Jews for theirs,” he said, adding that, “no matter where we were born and how old we are, we all rejoice at good and hate evil.”

Mr. Yushchenko also took part in a ceremony to light Hanukkah candles