In spite of decision of the Kremlin Presidents of Ukraine and Russia met. D. Medvedev had to shake hands with V. Yushchenko and speak a little bit, an UNIAN correspondent from Kishinev reports.

“An unplanned communication”, probably, took place because of organizational miscalculations of hosts of the summit. According to the plan, the Presidents in turn had to come to Palace of Republics, where the session of the Council of the heads of the CIS state-participants  took place, to come up to the first floor for a photographing ceremony. But organizers of the summit did not foresee separate premises for leaders of the countries, who arrived first, - they had to wait for others in a circle of journalists.

Dmitriy Medvedev was the first from the heads of the states to arrive. After some time Victor Yushchenko and Ilham Aliev arrived, they came after their bilateral meeting.

While V. Yushchenko was shaking hands with his colleagues, D. Medvedev tried not to look in his direction. However, V. Yushchenko came to him by himself and held a hand for greeting. The President of Russia turned to the direction of V. Yushchenko, pretending not to notice him. They shook hands and shared greeting words.

Journalists succeeded in listening expressions concerning clothes and weather. D. Medvedev paid attention on ties of the Presidents: “we agreed to wear red ties in order to differ from the colleagues, who are presented at the level of governments”, joked the Russian President. V. Yushchenko joked that it would be better to carry out the next summits in warm countries, for example in Azerbaijan. The rest of the talk journalists did not hear.