Victor Yushchenko visited the House of Artists to see thirteen models of a future memorial complex honoring Ukraine’s famine victims. Today, experts are going to choose the best three designs, according to the President’s press-office.

When speaking about his impressions about the exhibition, the President said: “Today, the nation is learning to appreciate the profoundness of that tragedy. We are becoming increasingly aware of our responsibility to honor those who perished.”

Mr. Yushchenko also opined that the 1930 genocide famine was the tragedy for all people of the world.

The complex will be built on the Dnieper River slopes, where the Head of State planted a snowball-tree garden last year.  

Ihor Likhovy, Culture Minister, Mykola Zhulynsky, Head of the National Culture and Spirituality Council, Ivan Vasyunyk, First Deputy Chief of Staff, and Markiyan Lubkivsky, Head of the Humanitarian Policy Office, attended the event.