The Government has officially made public the 2007 State Budget in the "Uryadovy Kuryer" newspaper`s issue, according to Ukrinform.

      In accordance with the 2007 budget, in 2007 the minimum wage will equal to 400 UAH, 420 UAH and 450 UAH since January 1, July 1 and December 1, respectively. The 2007 state budget also suggests that a minimum of subsistence will equal to 492 UAH and 510 UAH on April 1 and October 1, 2007.

      The State Budget`s revenues are predetermined at 147,888 bn UAH, while expenses will equal to 161,819 bn UAH.

      The document also envisages restitution of 1,969 bn loans and granting new ones as 3,754 bn UAH. The deficiency is envisaged at 15,716 bn UAH.

      The home loans as of December 31, 2007 should not exceed 20,275 bn UAH and 1,034 bn USD. Foreign loans growth should not exceed 9,891 bn USD.

      Experts claim the budget has no economic differences with budgets of previous years.