In the near future “quiet significant” economic growth and “investment boom” will be observer in Ukraine, according to ForUM.

      Olexander Moroz the Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine told today at the meeting on development of atomic energetic of Ukraine, taking place at atomic power station in Rivno.

      He noted that growth of electric power production is needed not only to export it but also to use it for own purpose.

      The Head of the VR of Ukraine considers the atomic energetic perspectives of Ukraine as good.

      According to Moroz, it is necessary to increase production of electric power including production in atomic power stations. At the same time Moroz noted that one should not forget about alternative sources of energy.

      He informed that nowadays a new conception of biofuel production is being developed which will be considered by the Parliament soon.

      Moreover the Head of the VR stressed that “stable political situation” is observed in Ukraine. He considers that it will continue to be so and the power will work effectively.