Victor Yushchenko signed two decrees on Tuesday to appoint Yuriy Pavlenko as governor of Zhytomyr oblast and Pavlo Kachur as governor of Sumy oblast, according to the President`s press-office.

      “The appointment of the governors in Sumy and Zhytomyr is aimed at reinforcing the President’s regional policy,” Victor Yushchenko’s press secretary, Iryna Vannykova, quoted him as saying on Wednesday. “These energetic statesmen have enough experience to carry out an intensive therapy for the two regions. The newly appointed governors have been given responsible tasks, and the local residents will see the first results of their good implementation soon.”

      The President insists that the new regional leaders must boost social security, reform the housing system and resolve problems in agriculture. His secretariat will oversee how they perform their duties.

      “I will be as fastidious with the new governors as I am with all the governors when evaluating their performance,” he said, expressing support for Pavlenko and Kachur.

      He also urged them to ensure effective cooperation with the local councils to prevent “destructive and unnecessary political confrontation.”