According to the press release passed by Gorshenin Institute to UNIAN, Ukrainians oppose the introduction of Immunization Record Cards. Those are the results of the phone survey “Immunization in Ukraine” conducted by Gorshenin Institute.

on 26/10/09-28/10/09.  Gorshenin Institute experts note that majority of Ukrainians (61.5%) do not support passing by Verkhovna Rada of the law that provides for the implementation of “National Immunization and Infectious Disease Control Program for 2009-2015” requiring every Ukrainian to get vaccinated.

48.4% of respondents had extremely negative opinion regarding this legislation. 13.1 % were not happy with it.

Less than a quarter of Ukrainians (24.3%), according to the results of the survey, did not have any opinion in this matter.

 Overwhelming majority of Ukrainians (82.9%) do not support the decision of Verkhovna Rada to adopt the law that bans children from kindergartens and schools without The Immunization Record Card.  Only 6.7% of respondents are of contrary opinion. 10.4% - could not answer the question.

About one third of Ukrainians (35.9%) could not give a definite answer whether this law and introduction of Immunization Record card will make the nation healthier. Over a quarter of respondents (28.4%) think that this legislation will not change current situation in health care because a number of Ukrainians will simply buy Immunization Record Cards. Over a quarter of respondents (25.4%) think that this law will have a negative impact on public health because of unsafe vaccines and possible side effects. 

Only every tenth respondent (10.3%) said that the new law providing for mandatory and timely vaccination would make the nation healthier.

The survey “Immunization in Ukraine” was conducted by Gorshenin Institute among 1000 respondents age 18 or older representing all 25 regional centers with the margin of error no higher then 3.2%.