On December, 28, 2006, was held a meeting of the Commission on distribution of quotas for grain export from Ukraine till June, 30, 2007, informed Department of External Economic Policy of Ministry of Ukraine, according to AgriMarket.

According to Commission`s decision the biggest volume of quotas for export of wheat from Ukraine was given to CJSC "Donagroimpex" - 1.470 tonnes; PE "Premier" - 600 tonnes and "Expotrade" Ltd - 587.5 tonnes.

In general quota for wheat export was distributed between 5 companies from 11 ones that submitted applications. It should be noticed that such companies as "Alfred S. Toepfer International`, "Louis Dreyfus Ukraine Ltd", "Suntrade"(Bunge) and "Serna"(Glencore) did not get quotas for wheat export.

Regarding quotas for export of barley from Ukraine, 34 companies submitted applications for them and 32 got these quotas. The largest volume of quotas was given to the company "Serna" (Glencore) - 235.700 tonnes. The volumes of quotas given to other companies are significantly lower - "Suntrade"(Bunge) - 67.150 tonnes, "Reider-Trade" - 45.370 tonnes, "Louis Dreyfus Ukraine" - 30.000 tonnes, "Barge company" - 29.700 tonnes.

"Nibulon" is one of the companies that did not receive quotas for barley export.

43 companies submitted applications for licenses for maize export from Ukraine. All of them got quotas.

The largest volume of maize was permitted to be exported to "Nibulon" - 112.800 tonnes; "Cargill" - 57.100 tonnes, "Alfred S. Toepfer Ukraine" - 54.400 tonnes, "Reider-Trade" - 50.100 tonnes, "Kernel-Trade" - 40.280 tonnes.

We remind that Ministry of Economics accepted applications for quotas for grain export from Ukraine according to regulation of CMU No1701 d. d. December, 8, 2006, from December, 14 till 20, 2006.

The indicated regulations introduced the following volumes of quotas for grain export from Ukraine till June, 30, 2007:

- wheat and mixture of wheat and rye (meslin) (except emmer wheat) - 3.000 tonnes;

- barley - 600.000 tonnes;

- maize - 500.000 tonnes;

- rye - 3.000 tonnes

Government draft regulations introduce an order of distribution of licenses for export of separate kinds of agricultural production and quotas.

In particular, it provides that 80% of total volume of export quota for separate kinds of agricultural production is distributed between applicants that exported this product during last three years pro rata the volumes of actual export of the production for the indicated period.

Other 20% of export quota is to be distributed between rests of applicants pro rata their declared volumes.