Are Ukrainians willing to buy genetically modified products – telephone survey results

16:10, 17 November 2009
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According to press release given by Gorshenin Institute to UNIAN, Almost 90 % of Ukrainians are against the import of products treated with Genetically Modified Organisms. Those are the results of the phone survey conducted by Gorshenin Institute on 13/1109-15/11/09.

According to the survey results absolute majority of Ukrainians (85.6%) know what Genetically Modified Organisms are and understand what the consequences of GMO treated products consumption might be. Only 12.1% of respondents do not have that information and 2.3% could not answer the question.

Overwhelming majority of Ukrainians (93.4%) are certain that it should be mandatory for producers to put information about GMO-s on the packaging. Only 2.5 % don’t consider it to be necessary and 4.1% don’t have a position in this matter.

More than half of Ukrainians (57.1%) do not know about the government Decree on Mandatory Marking of Products that contain GMO-s. 38.2 % do know about this legislation and 4.7% could not answer the question.

Majority of Ukrainians (89.7 %) think that Verkhovna Rada should pass the law banning import of Genetically Modified Products into Ukraine. 5.2 % do not agree with that position and 5.1% don’t have a position in this matter.

Majority of Ukrainians (61.2%) said they would never buy products with GMO-s.  Fewer than a quarter of Ukrainians (22.5 %) will buy products with GMO-s only if there’s no other alternative. 12 % said it didn’t not matter to them which products to buy and 4.3 % could not answer the question.

Majority of Ukrainians (74.7%) said they would not buy products with GMO-s even if they were cheaper then their equivalent without GMO-s. In this case 10.7 % would buy products with GMO-s and 14.6 % could not answer the question.

This phone survey was conducted by Gorshenin Institute among 1000 respondents age 18 or older representing all 25 regional centers with the margin of error no higher then 3.2%.

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