The Anti-crises program with which the Government started its activity in August has been practically implemented. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated while opening the first Government session in this year, according to the government’s press-office.

      According to the Prime Minister, one of the most important Government’s achievements is overcoming budget deficit at the rate above 7 billion UAH and ending the year of 2006 with budget overfulfilment by 3,5%. This enables the Cabinet of Minister to make a good start during the first months of 2007 beginning implementation of the Social and Economic Development Program for 2007.

      As the Head of Government noted the Finance Ministry of Ukraine and the Treasury of Ukraine have provided full financing from beginning of January.

      “The budget will be fulfilled according to budget schedule by 100 percent from beginning of January therefore there should not be arrears of wages and other debts” Viktor Yanukovych stressed.