Ukraine is a modern country which is able to project its development for many years ahead and go this way, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych emphasized while opening the Government session, according to the CMU press-service.

The Head of Government has commissioned First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to speed up elaboration of the strategy of Ukraine’s development through 2011 noting that it is necessary to tackle this issue before the beginning of the Vrekhovna Rada’s work. And then, together with the Parliament and President to consider it and take a decision.

According to the Prime Minister, all Ministers and Committee Chairpersons shall be involved in the closing stages of the development strategy preparation.

The Head of Government noted that it is necessary to hold public hearings on this issue with participation of the National Academy of Sciences and international experts. We shall discuss publicly, transparently and openly. The trustworthy experts are to be invited to express their opinion, Viktor Yanukovych said.

I am confident, we shall use this time and work constructively at preparation of these very important for our country issues, the Head of Ukrainian Government said.