The Head of Government Viktor Yanukovych stresses that it is necessary to push up energy carrier prices in big industry regions, in particular. The Prime Minister disclosed today at the Government session, according to the CMU press-office.

      In this connection Viktor Yanukovych has commissioned the fuel and energy bloc of the Government to consider gas consumption payment and to submit a proposal till the end of the week. “I know there are objective reasons of low payment but there are also subjective reasons, that is to say, chargeable persons ignore this problem”, the Prime Minister added.

      The Prime Minister noted that gas consumption payment is connected with heat supply. “Besides, the level of payment for housing and communal services is much better. People are paying and officials try to find opportunities to preserve these funds”, Viktor Yanukovych stated.

      The Prime Minister has commissioned the law-enforcement authorities, Minister of the Interior Vasyl Tsushko, Vice Prime Minister Volodymy Rybak and Volodymyr Radchenko to take part in consideration of an issue concerning gas consumption payment. “It couldn’t turn out without corruption because some housing and communal services are rented. The question arises – on what terms? It is necessary to analyze it and draw proper conclusions” the Head of Government noted.