Ukraine can combine efforts of Russia and Europe bended to increase energy carrier supplies to the European markets and is ready to propose projects for modernization of the Ukrainian oil- and gas transportation systems, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych stated, according to the Cabinet of Ministers’ press-office.

“We consider that the role of Ukraine between the suppliers and consumers of energy carriers is extremely important and we can combine efforts of Russia and Europe to increase energy carrier supplies to Europe. We view Ukraine as a reliable partner of this process. And we must combine efforts of the exporters, transitors and consumers of energy carriers”, Viktor Yanukovych stated in Davos (Switzerland) at the plenary session of the World Economic Forum “Energy 2007: new era of oil policy”.

According to the Prime Minister, Ukraine suggests constructing relations with its partners to “provide such energy security which could guarantee efficient functioning of states’ economies”.

“We are ready to propose a number of projects for modernization of the Ukrainian oil- and gas transportation systems”, Viktor Yanukovych noted.

Answering the question of the moderator of a plenary session concerning Ukraine’s dependence on Russia in energy carrier supplies the Prime Minister of Ukraine stated that Kyiv perceives this issue as “partner relations with Russia”, necessity to construct these relations on the basis of mutually beneficial terms. Viktor Yanukovych had also mentioned that Russia is a supplier of energy resources when Ukraine transports them to Europe.

Besides, Prime Minister emphasized that Ukraine investigates the prospects of participation in carbohydrates extraction both on the territory of Russia and together with Russia on the territories of third countries. “And we consider these relations as long-term and partner”, the Head of Ukrainian Government said.

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that a problem on reducing energy carrier supplies from Russia to Ukraine “remains and will remain open”. The Prime Minister underscored that Ukraine would strive for increasing own output of energy resources both on its territory and on the territories of other countries.

Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine intends to attract energy resources from other countries, first of all, from the Caspian Basin countries.