The stay of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet at the Ukrainian territory restrains the economic development of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Ukrainian President’s advisor Anatoliy Tkachuk claimed this to journalists in Kyiv today.

“It is clear for everybody, except those thinking otherwise in exchange for some kopecks, that the presence of RF BSF in Sevastopol and Crimea restrains the economic development of Crimea”, A.Tkachuk stressed. He listed an example that only a small private port in Sevastopol brings over 15% of income to the local budget, and when it will develop, this share will increase to 50%.

In addition, A.Tkachuk noted that the hydrographic equipment must be serviced by the country, in which it is situated, and this country must be responsible for it as well. For instance, should a certain lighthouse fail to operate and a catastrophe happens in the sea.

“As of today, the presence of Russian military men at these lighthouses is a threat for Ukraine”, A.Tkachuk is convinced. He also stressed that the documents on the RF BSF stay in Crimea do not contain any single word that the lighthouses must be under the jurisdiction of RF. He believes that the government’s position in this case does not defend the interests of Ukraine. “They just do not understand that the Ukrainian interests must be a priority”, he emphasized.