An explosion happened at “Azovstal” metallurgic industrial complex in the city of Mariupol of the Donetsk Oblast at 20.55 yesterday. As a result of the explosion, a fire broke out in #3 blast-furnace. 11 ambulance brigades were sent to help the suffered plant employees. According to an  inconfirmed information, received from plant employees, there are human victims.

Presently the person on duty in the Emergency Ministry’s local directorate does not give any information. Journalists are not allowed at the territory of the industrial complex.

Видео дня

According to the information of the Ministry of Emergency, three workers suffered and were taken to the #2 city hospital in a middle grave condition.

That explosion damaged the internal brick setting and water pipes, as a result of which the electrical substation was flooded and cut off.

Local fire brigades extinguished the fire at 00.28 a.m. on 24 March. Out of the six blast furnaces, the work of the first and fourth was suspended, and the third is being repaired.

The preliminary cause of the explosion is the violation of the technological process.

The case is under investigation.