Because of grain export quotas, introduced by the Government, Ukraine is not considered to be a reliable supplier. Its reputation as exporter of this production is compromised. The American Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor told today in Odessa, according to ForUm.

He visited grain terminal of "Transinvestservice" company. The USA representative noted that landowners, transport enterprises, grain elevators suffer from these quotas. There are another ways to protect population from price rise on bread, the ambassador considers.

He added: "I, as a friend of Ukraine call upon [Ukraine] to cancel quotas  on grain exports." One of the probable consequences of this situation the diplomat called decrease of foreign investment volumes in economy of the country.

According to Taylor, Ukraine has already incurred losses in amount of USD 200 million.

According to officials of the terminal, grain was taken out last 25 thousand ton wheat from South to inner elevators. Its quality was not proper to export in abroad. Moreover, In Odessa port 220 thousand ton of grain is kept without possibility to be exported.

This news was monitored by the Action Ukraine Monitoring Service for the Action Ukraine Report (AUR), Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, Editor.