The rash growth of trade turnover between the European and Asian countries requires combining efforts of Ukraine and the Russian Federation both in development of international transport corridors and in working out reciprocal coordinated transport policy, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated during the meeting with Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Ihor Lyevitin.

Ukraine and Russia due to their geographical location are at the crossroads of the world trade and transport complexes of both countries are parts of the Euro-Asian international transport system, the Head of Ukrainian Government stressed.

Therefore, it an urgent question, Viktor Yanukovych noted, to stir up work on the project of a container train “New silk way” in success of which Kazakhstan, Hungary and Poland are interested in.

During the meeting Viktor Yanukovych and Ihor Lyevitin discussed an issue of maximum utilization by Ukraine and Russia potentials of the Black Sea ports and international transport transit corridors.

In conclusion, Viktor Yanukovych expressed the Ukraine’s interestedness in carrying out joint actions concerning development and updating of Kyiv-Moscow and Moscow-Simferopol highways meeting with world standards.