“The Ukrainian gas transport system was and remains of state property”, Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated at the meeting of the Government committee on legal policy, defense, international cooperation and European integration, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

As the Head of Government noted, the transit of energy carriers via the territory of Ukraine should be an issue at the level of the Yushchenko-Putin Inter-State Commission. Any speculation of some political forces concerning this issue only damage Ukraine’s image at the international level.

“I would like to confirm again that the Ukrainian gas transport system is the property of Ukraine and it doesn’t undergo any change. This is a priority of the Government policy”, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

As regards joint projects in the gas transport sphere, according to the Prime Minister, the possible participation of the Russian Federation in the Bohorodchany-Uzhhorod gas pipeline construction would be profitable for all the participants of this project if the volume of the Russian gas to Europe increases.

“Ukraine will derive economic benefit from it because it provides additional financial resources. Russian will also benefit by supplying gas to Europe. In its turn, the European Union will obtain additional volumes of gas supplies”, the Prime Minister emphasized.