According to the First Vice-Prime-Minister, Minister of Finances Nikolay Azarov, governmental commission did not establish the fact of grains damage in port elevators, according to AgriMarket.

      "Governmental commission worked in all port elevators and did not establish any facts of grains damage", - informed he during the interview.

      According to him, somebody achieves the loss of trust to government with wrong information distribution about grains damage and about losses of $200 mln because of this.

      "Everybody speaks about damaged grains. Where are the acts? Who removed some part of such grains for dump or for additional processing? What is the aim of journalist who has published the information about grains damage for $200 mln? Does he response for his actions? Let`s give our partners true information ", - underlined he at that.

      N. Azarov informed that in case if facts of grains damage were found out, the government would examine this question, specifying that till that moment no fact of grains damage was confirmed.

      "Now we have issued quota for grains export. Nobody bothers to export. If we did not introduce the quotas for grains export, we would not have anything for feeding our livestock and price for bread would have been increased ", - confirmed he at that.

      As we have informed before, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy Petr Verbitskiy does not consider non-issuing of quotas for export as the reason of grains damage in the ports, but absence of conditions for its long-term storing.

      During his visit of grain-terminal "Transinvestservice" Ltd in the port Yuzhniy (Odessa oblast) on February 1, the ambassador of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor declared that quotas for grains export issued by Cabinet of Ministers make harm to Ukraine and now the sixth grains exporter in the world lost the image of reliable supplier.

      According to W. Taylor, hundreds thousands tonnes of grain are damaged in the Ukrainian ports waiting for shipment due to limits for export introduces by the Government, at that losses are about $ 200 mln.

      In December 2006& the Cabinet of Ministers has confirmed the quota for grains export in 2006/07 MY for the volume of 1.1 mln. tonnes.

      It is allowed to export from Ukraine 3.000 tonnes of wheat and rye, 600.000 tonnes of barley, 500.000 tonnes of maize before July 2007.