The approchement between Ukraine and the European Union should be realized by common efforts directed at achievement of real objectives, according to the Cabinet’s press-office. Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stated in a briefing after ending the meeting of the Head of Ukrainian Government with the delegation of the EU Foreign Ministers Troika.

      According to the Prime Minister, the way to obtain full EU membership for Ukraine lies in implementation of strategic reforms which will approximate it to the European standards. In turn, the reformation processes are underway in the European Union – first of all, it concerns adoption of the European Constitution.

      The PM Viktor Yanukovych stressed that approchement between Ukraine and the EU aims to solve concrete issues – energy, transport, reformation of legal system, judicial branch, security system on the participation of Ukraine.

      “There are objective and real goals which we can achieve together. And this way, I hope, we will endorse in our new enhanced Agreement in the nearest future”, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized.