Victor Yushchenko hopes Ukraine will successfully build a safe shelter and a nuclear waste depository in Chornobyl, according to the President’s press-office.


      Following today’s meeting with G8 ambassadors, the Head of State said it was time to carry out development, rehabilitation and health programs in the disaster zone. He added that Ukraine and its international partners should jointly create natural preserves, re-cultivate soils, and produce biological fuel in Chornobyl.

      “We want to initiate a new international conference to start new Chornobyl policies,” he said.

     The President said they might begin building the shelter this summer, adding that Ukraine had enough money to implement this project. Mr. Yushchenko insisted that a company that would be chosen to build it must observe the terms of the contract so that the facility should protect the area for at least one hundred years.

      He also said Ukraine was going to create an international scientific institute to study the problems of the Chornobyl zone.